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Pro Force Curved Thai Pads

TTD $392.99
Reinforced riveted grip handle bar with heavy gage cross stitching.

Pro Force Foam Shield

TTD $392.99
Only the highest quality shock absorbent foam is used in our foam shields.

Pro Force Thunder Reaction Shield

TTD $607.99
Reinforced vinyl filled with "Extra Lightweight" high impact resistant foam. Oversized top pad provides ideal target for upper cuts & front kicks. Three handles on back for steady support. Measures 29" x 14" x 4".

Pro Force Ultra Curved Body Shield

TTD $392.99
30"long x 15"wide x 5" thick dense foam padding.

Rib Saver – The “Tough Saver” Foam Shield

TTD $790.99
The Rib-Saver was designed to help withstand and absorb impact